Procurement Policy

February 5, 2024

The Procurement Policy is intended to guide University employees making and approving purchase transactions on behalf of the University.

This policy replaces the current Purchasing Manual.

Highlights of the policy include:

  • Scope and Compliance: The policy is applicable to all Baylor University faculty, staff, and students involved in purchasing, emphasizing adherence to legal standards and responsible practices.
  • Guidance on Procurement Practices: Offers guidance for handling unauthorized purchases and emphasizes the importance of following established protocols.
  • Principles and Supplier Diversity: Focuses on competitive bidding and value procurement, with a commitment to diversifying suppliers, prioritizing minority, veteran, women-owned, and local businesses.
  • Ethical Standards and Conflict of Interest: Highlights the importance of integrity in procurement processes and outlines guidelines to avoid conflicts of interest and improper conduct.
  • Structured Procurement Procedures: Details step-by-step procedures for requisition, purchase orders, and invoicing to ensure smooth, compliant, and risk-minimized purchasing activities.