Staff Teaching Policy

March 24, 2021

The Staff Teaching policy establishes the University’s position regarding staff employees teaching outside of their primary staff role. It is the policy of Baylor University to provide an environment where staff can focus their time, effort, and energy on their primary job functions resulting in effective job performance. Only in rare circumstances when the teaching need cannot be met by current faculty or other external hires, should a staff member be utilized for a temporary and limited purpose.

This policy is intended for all staff employees who have full responsibility for teaching a for credit course as a “teacher of record”, for which he or she receives supplemental compensation. This does not include staff members who teach as part of their job duties.

Overview of the Revised Policy:

• This policy was revised to update the responsibilities and any budget implications of the Staff member’s Primary (Home) Department and Teaching Department.

• Clarifies the process and potential overtime implications for non-exempt staff members who are approved to teach.

• Clarifies the teaching limits for staff who teach. Teaching assignments should be no more than three credit hours per semester and are intended to be a temporary and limited solution to fill the needs of the academic department.