Whistleblower Policy

October 19, 2020

The Whistleblower Policy establishes procedures for the good faith reporting of suspected or actual misconduct and prohibits interference with, or retaliation for, such reporting.

This policy updates the University’s previous Whistleblower Policy.

Overview of the Policy Changes:

• The revised policy includes elements of a protected whistleblower disclosure within the definition of a protected disclosure.

• The definition of retaliation in the revised policy clarifies that the policy applies to adverse action by a member of the University community.

• The policy discusses the professional obligation of employees to make a protected disclosure so prompt corrective action can be taken by the University.

• The revised policy states that the policy is not intended to interfere with legitimate or academic decisions (not limited to employment matters).

• The policy states that reports will be promptly investigated within 45 calendar days or as required by federal or state regulation.

• The contact information for reporting violations has been updated and expanded.